Will you write a manuscript for me in exchange for a percentage of the royalties?
No. It's better for both client and writer if there's a clear-cut professional relationship that ends when the project has been completed. All royalties proceeding from the eventual sale of your manuscript or the information it contains - as well as sole ownership of copyright - will belong to you.

How do I know you won't steal my idea and use it yourself?
We won't. We have plenty of ideas of our own. However, we will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting work.

If I have a book ghostwritten, whose name appears on the cover?
Yours, and only yours. We like to think of ourselves as 'writing technicians' who help people to realise their creative potential. You are the author, and your name is the only one that will appear on the cover. What's more, your confidentiality is guaranteed by contract.

I want to write about a very controversial subject - how can I be sure that I won't get in any kind of legal trouble
Laws vary from country to country and from state to state. If you feel that the subject you want to write about is very controversial, it would be best for you to ask an attorney for advice.

Can you send someone to interview me and record the material I want to put in my manuscript?
Yes, this is our preferred way of gathering information.

Will you write my thesis or dissertation?

Are many books ghost-written?
More than you could ever imagine. Do you really think that all those Hollywood celebrities who bring out their memoirs are also gifted writers? Many actors, business people and ordinary men and women hire ghostwriters to help them put their ideas into words. Sometimes it's because they don't have time to write the books themselves, and sometimes it's because their talents lie elsewhere. In any case, you remain the true author of the book - the inspiration is yours, even if you've hired someone to help you get it onto paper.