Book Proposals

If you would prefer to test interest in your book idea before arranging to have the whole manuscript written, a book proposal may be just what you are looking for. The purpose of a proposal is to give agents and/or publishers a clear idea of what the completed book will be about, so that they can decide whether or not they would like to represent or publish it.

We can write you a book proposal consisting of:

  • A synopsis
  • A chapter by chapter outline of what the book will contain.
  • A fully written sample chapter
  • Basic market research indicating competing books and the potential readership of the book.
  • Information about the author (you).
  • A query letter with which you can contact
If you succeed in attracting attention with your proposal, we would be happy to work with you towards completing the book and the sum you've already paid will be considered part-payment towards the overall fee.
Please get in touch to discuss your project.